Deepblue Medical won the Italian and Portuguese Antigen Self-Test Certificate! Novel coronavirus antigen detection reagents help the global fight against the epidemic

Aug 20, 2021

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the global epidemic prevention and control situation has never slackened. The vaccination rate of the novel coronavirus has been continuously increased, which has effectively controlled the global epidemic. However, the rapid iteration and spread of the mutant strain of the novel coronavirus has recently spread to more than 20 countries, and the global epidemic prevention and control is once again facing a severe test.

In this environment, popularizing the convenient and efficient rapid detection of the epidemic has become the top priority of the European epidemic prevention and control work. On August 17th, the novel coronavirus antigen detection reagent independently developed and produced by Anhui Deepblue Medical successfully obtained the Italian family self-test certificate and the Portuguese family self-test certificate, which undoubtedly brought a more convenient and efficient testing experience and improved European epidemic prevention and control. Sufficient testing resources.

Deepblue novel coronavirus(COVID-19) home self-testing antigen detection reagent successfully obtained the Italian home self-testing certificate, which means that the product will be widely used in Italy, speed up the anti-epidemic process of the global compatriots, and lead the innovative development of the global COVID-19 antigen test suitable for home self-testing, avoiding Long queues in medical institutions bring the risk of mutual infection.

The picture above shows the Italian self-test registration certificate

On August 19, another piece of good news came that the Deepblue COVID-19 Home Self-Assessment Antigen Detection Reagent was certified in Portugal, which means that the promotion of Deepblue products in the international market has once again added a strong pass to enterprises. The new leap of international business has important strategic significance.

The picture above shows the Portuguese self-test registration certificate

Since the outbreak of the epidemic more than a year ago, Deepblue Medical has lived up to expectations. The series of COVID-19 detection reagents independently developed and produced have been widely recognized by authoritative medical and health institutions in various countries. Approvals from many European countries, such as the self-test certificate and the French family self-test white list, have brought great convenience to the European people's family-based self-test and reduced cross-infection caused by mutual contact.

Deepblue SARS-CoV-2 home self-test antigen detection reagent was registered and certified in Italy and Portugal, which once again confirmed the excellent performance and good user experience of the Deepblue novel coronavirus home self-test antigen product.

Anhui Deepblue Medical Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the methodology of colloidal gold immunochromatography to directly detect and capture the SARS-CoV-2 virus in human throat swabs, saliva, etc. The operation is simple, and the results can be judged by the naked eye in 15 minutes, which greatly improves the detection efficiency. , to better meet the rapid detection needs of the epidemic prevention and control sites in various countries. On the one hand, for ordinary people, not only life and health are better protected, but also their time and freedom are greatly liberated. On the other hand, rapid diagnosis of suspected patients and rapid screening of people in close contact with them can be achieved, providing the most direct basis for effective control of the epidemic.

Deepblue Medical takes advantage of its technological advantages and continues to innovate and develop, and its epidemic prevention and control service territory continues to expand. "One World, One Fight", Deepblue Medical will fight side by side with the people of the world to fight against the epidemic, and continue to help the epidemic prevention work of various countries around the world. social responsibility.

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