Anhui Deepblue medical non-inactivated virus sampling tube successfully passed Indonesia certification

Aug 25, 2021

On August 23, 2021, Anhui Deepblue Medical's single-use non-inactivated virus sampling tube successfully passed the Indonesian registration. This successful Indonesian certification not only reflects the quality and craftsmanship of Anhui Deepblue Medical's non-inactivated virus sampling tube on a global scale Being recognized has also greatly improved the international brand influence of Anhui Deepblue Medical, and helped the company to enter a new journey with high-quality development.

Anhui deep blue medical non-inactivated virus sampling tube passed Indonesia certification

As we all know, as far as the test itself is concerned, in order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, one of the most important steps is to have accurate and qualified samples. In the face of the increasingly serious novel coronavirus, the novel coronavirus sampling tube is undoubtedly the most important tool and means to ensure that the samples are qualified and accurate, which means that there are higher requirements for the novel coronavirus collection tube.

In addition to cooperating with the production of virus detection substances, the scientific researchers of Anhui Deepblue Medical also organized technical research and developed non-inactivated virus sampling tubes, focusing on solving the problems of sample collection, transportation and laboratory testing that may be caused by traditional products. In the link, it may cause the problem of secondary transmission of relevant medical staff and the surrounding environment.

Anhui Deepblue medical non-inactivated virus sampling tube is used for sample collection, transportation and storage, etc., which is convenient for DNA/RNA extraction and the promotion and use of biological samples, viruses, etc. The sampling tube is mainly a virus maintenance liquid type preservation solution improved on the basis of the transport medium, and has good sealing performance and good stability. It can maintain the activity of the virus in vitro and the integrity of antigens and nucleic acids, protect the viral protein shell from being decomposed, and maintain the originality of the virus sample to a large extent. Refrigerated and transported at room temperature.

In this special period, Anhui Deepblue Medical actively responded to the call of various departments, gave full play to its own technical advantages, and continued to provide corresponding material support for epidemic prevention and control, adhering to the concept of a global community with a shared future, and actively participating in the global fight against "epidemic" Go to help.

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