DEEPBLUE Medical takes quick action to implement the donation commitment

Mar 20, 2022

The virus is ruthless, but there is love in the world. At present, in the tense battle of the whole people to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, DEEPBLUE Medical donated the COVID-19 antigen detection kits, practiced its social responsibility with practical actions, reflected its mission, and helped the epidemic prevention and control work.

In order to support Hefei's epidemic prevention and control work, on March 15th and 16th, DEEPBLUE Medical donated  COVID-19 antigen detection kits to the High-tech Zone Emergency Office and Luyang District Emergency Office respectively. The Municipal Red Cross Society donated 2 million copies of the COVID-19 antigen detection kits, explaining the responsibility and responsibility of enterprises with practical actions.

In the current epidemic situation, fast words take the lead. In order to send the donated materials to various regions in Hefei as quickly as possible, DEEPBLUE Medical makes it play a role in the prevention and control of the epidemic. As soon as the donation ceremony is over, the deployment of donation matters will be started immediately. Efficiently complete the inventory and docking of donated products, so that each box of the COVID-19 antigen detection kits can exert the greatest value.

On the evening of March 19, the staff of the Red Cross Society of Hefei came to the DEEPBLUE Medical Storage Center in Mingzhu Industrial Park to connect the distribution and transportation of reagents on site. The first batch of 430,000 the COVID-19 antigen detection kits were successively sent to Chaohu City, Lujiang County, Yaohai District, Baohe District, Shushan District and Luyang District.

At 22 o'clock, the last anti-epidemic material transport vehicle left, and the friends of DEEPBLUE Medical temporarily relaxed their highly tense nerves.

In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, boxes of the COVID-19 antigen detection kits interpret the corporate responsibility and love of DEEPBLUE Medical. DEEPBLUE Medical uses practical actions to transmit positive social energy, and Hefei is more determined to win the epidemic. The battle of prevention and control has injected strong spiritual strength, fighting against the epidemic with everyone and protecting health and tranquility.

In this battlefield without gunpowder smoke, DEEPBLUE Medical believes that by working together and united, we will be able to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible!

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!