DEEPBLUE Medical's COVID-19 antigen detection kits are all donated

Mar 25, 2022

The donation of the third batch of 520,000 and the fourth batch of 547,000 the COVID-19 antigen detection kits by DEEPBLUE Medical came to an end when the last transport vehicle was ready to go on the afternoon of March 24. In just a few days, all the 2 million copies of the COVID-19 antigen test kits that DEEPBLUE Medical promised to donate have been donated, and will be distributed to all counties and districts in Hefei.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, DEEPBLUE Medical has been adhering to the mission and responsibility of the company, and has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic and social needs. Local prevention and control agencies conduct epidemic prevention and control. This time, DEEPBLUE Medical donated 2 million the COVID-19 antigen detection reagents to the Hefei Red Cross Society, mainly to support Hefei's epidemic prevention and control work and build a strong line of defense.

At present, the epidemic situation at home and abroad is still very serious. At this critical moment, we still need to be highly vigilant and not relax at all, whether it is the medical staff on the front line of the hospital, or the party members and volunteers in the community streets, or the workers who produce materials, and the prevention and control workers. Law enforcement police...

The epidemic is not over yet, and DEEPBLUE  Medical's support will never stop. DEEPBLUE Medical will, as always, actively undertake social responsibilities, pay close attention to the development of the COVID-19 epidemic, fully support the epidemic prevention and control work, and continue to provide more help for epidemic prevention and control, and always do a good job with the anti-epidemic workers. Get ready to win this battle of epidemic prevention and control without gunpowder smoke together! DEEPBLUE Medical always believes that this "war epidemic" will eventually end, and all good things will come as promised.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!