Deepblue Medical's "DEEPBLUE" international trademark has been protected by many countries

Nov 26, 2021

On November 23, the good news came from Deepblue Medical that the "DEEPBLUE" international trademark was successfully approved and protected by France, Australia and the Czech Republic. The development of soft power will further promote the development of deep blue medical in foreign markets, create a deep blue brand, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Deepblue medical.

In the international protection of the "DEEPBLUE" trademark, in addition to applying for trademark registration country by country, the Madrid international trademark registration system is an important way and means for brands to borrow. The Madrid System is a solution for global trademark registration and management. Through a centralized system, trademarks can not only apply for protection in up to 120 countries, but also change, renew or expand global trademarks. Up to now, the "DEEPBLUE" brand trademark has obtained trademark exclusive rights in 20 countries including Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria, and Bulgaria, and has continuously extended the exclusive rights to other member states of the Madrid System.

The trademark

In the next step, Deepblue Medical will continue to strengthen the company's trademark reserve and management level based on the company's advantages, apply for trademark registration in advance according to business development and corporate planning, and prepare for the listing of Deepblue products, corporate brand building, and image enhancement. The market offers more opportunities.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!