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Dec 09, 2021

As the New Year is approaching, the production tasks of Deep Blue Medical have not slowed down due to the arrival of the new year. The company is still in full swing, and every corner is filled with the sense of mission of "prevention and control of the epidemic, everyone is responsible". In order to ensure that every production order can be delivered as scheduled, and every product can be delivered to customers in various countries as soon as possible, all employees of Deep Blue are united and worked tirelessly for several months to work overtime and work together in their respective jobs. Win this time war.


  In the face of the rapidly increasing overseas epidemic outbreak, time constraints, urgent delivery, and heavy production tasks, the difficulties faced by Deep Blue Medical are unprecedentedly severe. Every deep blue person abides by the medical mission, carefully and strictly follows the production process, strictly controls the quality, and sends every assured product to all countries in the world. The industry has always maintained a leading position, and its products are well received and praised by customers at home and abroad.


1. Enterprise management takes the lead and links all departments

  Through multi-party communication, on the one hand, the enterprise management department efficiently delivers all kinds of talents and skilled masters to the enterprise, and on the other hand, closely cooperates with various departments to help relieve production pressure, laying a foundation for the stability of production personnel, the rapid improvement of production skills, the achievement of high production standards and the improvement of efficiency. , and through various forms of incentives such as praise and rewards, to prepare for the increase in product quality to the greatest extent.


2. Focus on the basic element of "quantity"

  As the production tasks continue to increase, in order to seize the production time, the production department adjusts the previous working methods, coordinates all equipment, materials, and human resources, reasonably promotes planned production scheduling, minimizes material loss, and efficiently releases production capacity within a limited time. Expansion and efficiency are maximized.


  The small partners in the production department take care of everyone, put their full power into the production front line, work overtime to ensure the supply of products, and compose an exciting workshop march. When you walk into the dark blue production workshop, you can see that the people and machines on each production line are running at full force, without stopping for a moment. In order to coordinate the replenishment work of the incoming goods, the material staff repeatedly confirms to ensure the security of the accounts after the materials arrive at the factory, the timely and accurate distribution of the complete set of materials and the clean and orderly on-site environment. The dedicated front-line staff dare not relax. , carts and forklifts shuttle to and fro in the workshop aisles, a bustling scene.



3. Keep the fundamental element of "quality"

  Quality is related to the survival and development of an enterprise. Even in the face of intense on-site operations, the quality inspectors still adhere to the principle of quality in my heart. By strengthening the comprehensive management of on-site quality, optimizing the control of quality inspection and operation process quality, we will strengthen the quality control of evaluation and evaluation. If hidden quality problems are found, it is particularly important to control risks as soon as possible, and adhere to the principle of quality control, so that high-quality and good products must become the driving force for the development of DeepBlue.



4. Grasp the key elements of "time limit"

  The business department and the international department have withstood the pressure and faced difficulties. Through a 24-hour all-round, multi-channel and no time difference communication method, the business process is optimized, the demand management is improved, and the product demand of international customers is conveniently and reasonably guaranteed. Change the original working mode of talking about the world in one room, each business partner walks out of the office and enters the production workshop, keeping an eye on the supply of goods and ensuring delivery in a variety of ways, which maximizes the supply of product orders.



5. Control the safeguard factor of "technology"

  The technical department, on the one hand, cooperates with the production department to carry out supervision and inspection for the planned production orders, and on the other hand, strengthens the guidance and process confirmation of key key positions and new employees to ensure the effective supervision of personnel skills, thereby ensuring the correct implementation of technical solutions. For technical problems that occur in the production process, we can organize analysis and respond quickly to improve product production efficiency.




  In this anti-epidemic battle involving all countries in the world, everyone in Deep Blue has done their best for this, and the perfect delivery of every order is the interpretation of the extraordinary achievements of our friends.



  Every effort should be felt, and every drop of sweat is worth remembering! Dear friends, you have worked hard! I sincerely say to you: Thank you! Thank you for your hard work! Thank you for your dedication! Deep blue is more beautiful because of you!

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!