Pregnancy test strip results accuracy

Pregnancy test strip results accuracy
Pregnancy test paper is a tool to test whether a woman is pregnant. Generally menopause 40 days (the first 35 days or so), measurable serum or urine of pregnant women, chorionic gonadotropin, to help diagnose early pregnancy.
Many women are accustomed to using pregnancy test strips to test whether they are pregnant, but the hospital is usually used to test this method. Pregnancy test strips are also very fast to use, but will it give you a wrong message?
In fact, although pregnancy test strips claim to have a 99% accuracy rate, you must not over-trust your self-test results.
According to statistics, the correct test rate of pregnancy test strip results vary widely, from 50% to 98%.
Why is there such a big difference? Experts point out that women do pregnancy self-test at home, without any outside guidance, the test results usually can only achieve 50% to 75% accuracy. If the doctor in the laboratory to do such a test, the doctor can ensure that the test paper is working properly, women are also able to correctly use the test strip according to the instructions, then the test accuracy may be close to 100%.

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