Precautions for home pregnancy kit

Precautions for home pregnancy kit
1, pay attention to the production date on the box, do not use outdated pregnancy test strips, as long-term use of chemicals or improper preservation will fail.
2, before doing self-test carefully read the instructions, and then carefully follow the instructions.
3, after seven days of menstruation, pregnancy test strips are usually more accurately postponed. Because it is related to HCG in the body, and so on
To achieve a certain level of HCG, can be clearly measured, it is best to postpone the use of 7 days.
4, if the pregnancy has just begun, or the possibility of ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), the general HCG level of the test sample
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Need to rest more than 3 minutes (usually only 1 minute), if you want to carefully identify weak positive words, the detection area is only a faint ribbon.
5, pregnancy test paper test the best time is generally the best test in the morning. The morning urine HCG values are generally the highest, the result is a more accurate figure, if the evening self-test, the accuracy will be more or less affected.
home pregnancy kit negative pregnancy test content, we can find one or two ways to deal with the above. ...

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