home pregnancy kit Supplier Description Common Discomfort and Treatment in Early Pregnancy

home pregnancy kit Supplier Description Common Discomfort and Treatment in Early Pregnancy
During the ten months from pregnancy to birth, we often see the physical discomfort caused by pregnancy mothers, for example, and explain the treatment methods:
First pregnancy (three months before pregnancy)
Vomiting nausea
May be due to changes in the body's concentration of some hormones during pregnancy, may also be due to metabolic changes in carbohydrates during pregnancy, decreased blood sugar when hungry easily nausea, stopped from the beginning of menstruation after 3 to 4 months to disappear, treatment Ways to get up before bed toast toast or soda cake, a small amount of meals, light diet.
Frequent urination urgency
Because of the uterus during pregnancy due to oppression of the bladder, the uterus at 12 weeks out of the pelvic cavity will disappear before the convergence of fetal head after delivery will occur, this time not to reduce the water intake to lift, for perineal muscle contraction exercise.
Breast tenderness
Treatment: wear bra to support
Vaginal discharge increased
Due to hormonal changes in the body due to increased secretion of the cervical gland, vaginal mucosal proliferation of white mucus, known as leucorrhea, treatment: wear cotton absorbent underwear, to keep clean and dry.
Second and third pregnancy
Heartburn due to slow emptying of the stomach, cardia sphincter relaxation, food reflux to the esophagus due to a small amount of meals, do not lie down immediately after eating, eat too much fat or fried food.
Foot and ankle edema caused by venous obstruction caused by foot and foot edema, treatment, to avoid standing or sitting for a long time, can do dorsiflexion exercise and raise the leg. The company is located in:
Home pregnancy kit The supplier tells you that after pregnancy, the uterus increases, the curvature of the lumbar spine increases and the relaxing hormone causes the pelvic joints to relax and cause pelvic anteversion and back flexion. The treatment method is as follows: , Standing back against the wall to shrink the abdominal muscles, gluteal muscle, kneel position, hand back on the ground as far as possible from the arched back muscle contraction and other means.

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