home pregnancy kit Supplier Description Best for the pregnancy season

home pregnancy kit Supplier Description Best for the pregnancy season
One year spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons, then, which one is the best conception season? In general, early summer early autumn is the best season to conceive. why? There are three reasons.
First: This period is the harvest season, all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables listed a large number of mothers can get rich nutrition, is conducive to the healthy growth of fetal baby.
Second: The prevalence of epidemic virus infections such as rubella, flu and meningococcus is relatively low during this period because the first 3 months of pregnancy are also the period of embryogenesis. If they are attacked by these viruses, they may damage the developing baby's baby Organ, can cause baby mental retardation, deformity and so on.
Third: childbirth in the following year, coincided with the beginning of spring and early summer season, to avoid the heat and cold, a pleasant climate, is conducive to maternal recovery and baby's feeding as soon as possible.
home pregnancy kit suppliers suggest that you should choose to be in the place where you and he are more familiar, warm and comfortable place, so that the two nerves can be completely relaxed, so the best place to conceive should be in their own home.

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