Blood changes in getting a pregnancy test

Blood changes in getting a pregnancy test
Getting a pregnancy test Pregnant women have about two liters (2000 ml) more blood than nonpregnant women, supplying the fetus with oxygen and nutrients. From 6 weeks pregnant, maternal blood volume began to increase, reached a peak of 32 weeks of pregnancy - 34 weeks. Blood volume increases, including plasma and erythrocyte increases, but the bone marrow is constantly producing red blood cells, hematin, the main component of red blood cells contains iron, in order to create the extra hemoglobin needed during pregnancy, pregnant women use their own reserves of iron, such as insufficient reserves of iron , That is, anemia occurs.
Therefore, the majority of anemia during pregnancy is the lack of iron to produce heme, and insufficient heme to produce extra red blood cells.
Vitamin B contains folic acid, folic acid is also a component of the manufacture of heme, if lack of it can cause anemia, in order to avoid anemia, pregnant women's food must contain the right amount of iron and folic acid. The folic acid supplement should be started before pregnancy.
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