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pregnancy test strip supplier

2017-12-07 16:39:00

Use of pregnancy test strips

1, the use of disposable urinal cups or clean containers to collect urine.
2, along the aluminum foil bag incision tear, remove the test strip for testing.
3, Article type: dip the end of the test paper with the arrow mark into the container with the sample to be seized
(Urine samples should not exceed the MAX line), take out after about 3 seconds. (as the picture shows)
Card: Pipette to be seized urine sample 0.2mL (3-4 drops) in the sample area.
Pen: pull the cap, let the urine directly in the urine leaching in the sample area, and to maintain the urine for 3 seconds (note: urine should not exceed the arrow, so as not to wet the urine test area, affecting the detection result).
4, observe the test area test results: 5-10 minutes to observe the test results. Within 40 seconds the color is strongly positive.
Positive: Test strip both the upper and lower ribbons appear, said pregnant.
Negative: only a strip of fuchsia appears at the top of the strip and no ribbon appears at the bottom, indicating that it is not pregnant.
Invalid: No ribbon appears. The test strip has expired.

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