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one test pregnancy test self pregnancy test kit

2018-03-13 13:29:03

one test pregnancy test
one test pregnancy test
self pregnancy test kit
self pregnancy test kit
one test pregnancy test     self pregnancy test kit
one test pregnancy test self pregnancy test kit

During pregnancy, the interaction between pregnant mothers and baby babies is an important part of pregnancy care. This method can promote the healthy development of the baby, and it also helps the early development of the baby's intelligence. Therefore, experts recommend that pregnant mothers must pay attention to the interaction with the baby and treat it as a form of health care during pregnancy. Such as talking with the baby, do exercise during pregnancy, touch the belly and so on.
1. Language exchange
Medical research shows that parents often talk with their baby and can promote their brain development, which plays an important role in the good development of language and intelligence after birth.
Pregnancy for 5 months is the best stage for pregnant mothers to communicate with their babies. At this point, pregnant mothers can talk to baby babies more. Or at any time in the language of action to tell the baby, describe the good things you see, you can also choose to sing or read to him.
2. Sports communication
Appropriate pregnancy exercise can not only ease the stress of pregnant mothers, stabilize the emotions, but also increase the blood supply of oxygen to the fetus and speed up the metabolism. It also helps the baby's growth and development. Pregnant mothers go to activities outdoors or in the park and breathe plenty of fresh air, which is beneficial to the development of fetal bones and prevents the occurrence of osteomalacia in pregnant mothers.
3. Touch the exchange
Pregnant mother touching baby tires is not only a kind of emotional communication, but also can promote the physical and mental development of the baby and make it grow healthier. It also helps early development of the baby's intelligence.
Through the care of the fetus, the information between the mother and the child is communicated, and the emotions are also communicated. This stimulates the enthusiasm of the fetus and promotes the development of post-natal actions. Such actions as turning over, grasping, gripping, climbing, sitting, standing, walking, etc., may occur earlier than those born without this training.
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