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one test pregnancy test card test pregnancy

2018-03-09 10:58:54

one test pregnancy test
one test pregnancy test
card test pregnancy
card test pregnancy
one test pregnancy test     card test pregnancy
one test pregnancy test card test pregnancy

Many women engaged in behaviors that caused their regrets in the future without knowing that they were pregnant. Therefore, the precautions in the early stages of pregnancy are extremely important and are indispensable to women planning to become pregnant.
Correct pregnancy test
The general pregnancy test pen will indicate the accuracy rate, such as 95%, 98%, etc. If there is no indication, it does not mean that the accuracy rate is 100%, because there are certain factors that may cause the pregnancy test pen to fail.
Pregnancy test pen may fail
There are two types of pregnancy pen failures: 1. Pregnancy, but the test shows that there is no pregnancy, that is, the pregnancy test pen is not sensitive enough: possible causes include the expiration of the test pen expired, the pharmaceutical has expired; the other reason is the use of manufacturers There is a problem with the medicine. 2. Not pregnant, but the test shows that there is pregnancy, that is, pregnancy test pen reagent is too sensitive: women pregnant body villous gland sex hormones will increase, can be detected through urine, pregnancy test is in the test of the body of villous sex hormones . However, the villous sex hormones are present in every human body (including males), but only in small amounts. Some reagents are too sensitive, and even if they are small, they may be positive and cause users to mistakenly think that they are pregnant.
If the inspection time is incorrect, too early and too late, it may make the inspection result incorrect. Some people test in 2 to 3 days after they have been in the room and often fail to see correct results. Some people only test after a period of pregnancy, but because the value of villous sex hormones increases with the number of weeks of pregnancy, for example, after 10 weeks, the value may reach more than 100,000, and the general pregnancy test exceeds a certain After the value does not come out.
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