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home pregnancy kit vendor explains the psychological changes during pregnancy

2018-01-13 12:19:49

home pregnancy kit vendor explains the psychological changes during pregnancy
Women experience several major periods of physical and psychological change throughout their lives, such as menarche, marriage, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause. Particularly like pregnancy and childbirth, there are great physical and psychological changes.
Gestation, which means the beginning of a new life, the secretion of various hormones in women need to adapt to adjustment. Early pregnancy, a rapid increase in human chorionic gonadotropin, to the second trimester of pregnancy, estrogen progesterone rise, pregnant women to remind and pre-pregnancy were significantly different.
After pregnancy, especially the first pregnancy, mostly in a more excited state, there will be greater mental stress, often think about the problem:
1 fetus is deformed? If you have been exposed to harmful substances, medication or unexplained fever, the mental stress is even greater.
2 Reminders have changed significantly, worried about recovery after delivery? Will it be her husband too?
3 delivery is smooth? Can you withstand the pain during childbirth?
4 after birth, significant changes in life, ui child how to adapt?
5 Born children are male or female In a more backward feudal home, pregnant women are most worried about is this issue.
These problems seem complicated, but they often plague pregnant women. Especially for women who are not satisfied with marriage and whose personality is more vulnerable, their psychology is in a very contradictory psychology.
Therefore, home pregnancy kit suppliers remind you that in addition to the necessary prenatal care, guidance and treatment, but also according to pregnant women from relatives and friends. Let pregnant women understand the health knowledge, eliminate some unnecessary concerns, so as to maintain a normal and correct treatment of personnel and childbirth, in a pleasant mood to greet the arrival of a new life.

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