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home pregnancy kit manufacturers explain the importance of female gynecological care

2018-01-09 11:47:58

home pregnancy kit manufacturers explain the importance of female gynecological care
Do not wear tight pants, the best on the vagina!
Too close to the skin pants and leggings will make the private place can not breathe, the skin will be water, but also easy to smell, and the pressure on the vagina, so try to wear more loose pants to let the private parts breathe it!
Remember that the toilet will be drained after intimate contact!
Everyone may know that they should be rinsed out before close contact, and they need to take a shower afterwards. However, before cleaning, the girls still have to first urinate because the bacteria may enter the urethra when intimate, the urination may be clean, and the urethra will not be obtained Or cystitis. In addition to bacteria, if there is sperm residue will cause acid-base imbalance, so bacteria have a chance, so if you do not use condoms, then remember to close contact with good cleaning!
Regular hair removal at private, private parts to take a deep breath!
In fact, pubic hair, like hair, also need to trim the old replacement, in order not to cause odor or dirt, trim does not require shaving, as long as there is comfortable and can protect the state, because pubic hair long for Cleaning is also good.
home pregnancy kit manufacturers to remind you not to hold back urine!
Female friends holding back urine, bladder will not only ignore the private sector will cause great harm. When the female friends feel a sense of urination, the pussy will be very humid, easy to private parts cause inflammation. So, female friends best in any case of life do not hold back urine.

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