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home pregnancy kit manufacturer about the most concerned about the six issues of early pregnancy description

2018-01-12 11:31:51

home pregnancy kit manufacturer about the most concerned about the six issues of early pregnancy description
Gastrointestinal motility during pregnancy weakened, lower digestion, cold rice is generally cold and hard and often contaminated
Easily stimulate the gastric mucosa caused by stomach discomfort, pain or dysfunction, and even cause gastrointestinal inflammation. Therefore, we should avoid eating cold meals.
home pregnancy kit The manufacturer recommends that you use the computer every day for not more than 4 hours, and to prevent radiation work, will not cause any major obstacles to the baby's development.
To prevent computer radiation, you can install a computer screen, which can effectively shield at least 75% of the electromagnetic radiation
Put on a radiation vest, you can reduce their chest and abdomen by the electromagnetic radiation.
Mom during pregnancy, be careful not to over-fatigue, action should be soothing, to avoid uncoordinated movements, to avoid collision, bumpy behavior.
After pregnancy, pay attention to the problem of wearing shoes, daily life is common treasure Mom wearing slippers, large old shoes, pointed high heels.
These are not suitable for the treasure boy. Pregnancy should wear soft, fit, followed by a height of 2-3 cm low heels or wedges appropriate.
Walking, sitting, immediately take the correct posture, can reduce the symptoms.
Calcium does not solve the problem of calcium deficiency, but also need to accept some sunlight.
If vitamin D and vitamin E deficiency, can cause a lot of discharge of calcium, usually 90% with the urine.
And to ensure adequate light is a treasure mother's own vitamin D production of an important condition, so treasure mom seat should have full sunshine.
B-mode ultrasound intensity is very low, repeated inspection is also safe, and generally avoid this test within 10 weeks of pregnancy.
Because 3 months before pregnancy, embryonic cell division in a period of exuberance, if not absolutely must not check do not.
3 months, embryonic cell division in the heyday, if not absolutely necessary to check can not do.

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