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early pregnancy test

2017-12-08 11:26:14

Early pregnancy test the benefits of pregnancy

1. For women who temporarily do not want to conceive, early pregnancy or pregnancy can be stopped by medical abortion or induced abortion. Early pregnancy termination of pregnancy pain is small, less bleeding.
2. For women who wish to give priority to eugenics, take care to avoid contact with harmful substances and avoid contagious diseases in early pregnancy. If you have some common diseases, when medication, you can choose the least impact on the fetus drug treatment, without abuse of drugs.
3. Early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, early pregnancy test plate plays a very important role in supporting diagnosis. Can be used in the absence of rupture of bleeding in the treatment of Chinese and Western medicine, for those who still need to maintain fertility of women is too important.
4. For women who treat infertility, early pregnancy test panels also appear to be important. These women should be accurately calculated under the guidance of a doctor ovulation time, the use of artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. Early pregnancy test panels can be used 14 days after insemination to determine if the treatment was successful. If you find urine pregnancy test positive, they will also receive a series of miscarriage treatment. Early pregnancy test panels in many domestic manufacturers in the production, the overall sensitivity can reach 94% or more, but sometimes false positives or false negatives may occur. Therefore, a urine pregnancy test alone to determine whether the pregnancy is not necessarily very accurate, may have to test again or blood test HCG.
Early pregnancy test panels are sold in major pharmacies. But damp test board will affect the test results, so the test board packaging paper should be opened as soon as possible after the application. Before using the manual must be carefully read, the correct use of test methods. But no matter what the test results, you should consult a specialist when you need help.

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