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Why urine HCG pregnancy test strip interference than blood B-HCG to be more

2017-12-25 14:16:23

Why urine HCG pregnancy test strip interference than blood B-HCG to be more

HCG is a gonadotropin-producing protein hormone produced by the placental chorionic trophoblast and consists of two peptide chains, alpha and beta. The α-peptide chain is similar to the α-chain of LH, FSH and TSH, while the β-peptide chain is specific.
Often, we do HCG pregnancy test strip for gestational diagnosis and trophoblastic diagnosis and treatment.
In the application of HCG pregnancy test strip should pay attention to distinguish between two cases:
First, the application of HCG test, we must pay attention to the existence of cross-reactive substances. A variety of placental chorionic hormone chemical structure similar, are glycoprotein complexes, both by the two peptide chain α and β subunit composition. Moreover, the structure of α-peptide is also very similar. Both of them have the same characteristics in chemistry, biology and immunology. The common method of HCG detection can hardly exclude LH. However, the content of LH in normal urine is very small, HCG detection method was not significant positive, so little effect on the diagnosis of pregnancy, but menopausal women, women's ovulation and bilateral ovariectomy patients, the amount increased, and sometimes up to 240-480IU / L, the mole And cases of choriocarcinoma follow-up may lead to misdiagnosis in these circumstances.
Second, some other pathological changes can also increase HCG levels. It has been reported that pituitary disease, hyperthyroidism, ovarian cysts, endometrial hyperplasia, uterine cancer, etc., can also lead to a positive test for the test of HCG. Others report the discovery of a bacterium that produces HCG substances in some tumor cases. For these cases, only the relevant clinical and laboratory methods to be identified. In addition, if the antibody is not enough purity will produce some cross-reaction, combined with clinical identification.

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