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What are the pregnancy test kits?

2017-12-14 10:55:20

To find out if you have any pregnancies, the most common advice is to go to the pharmacy to buy the test strips for early pregnancy seven days after the menstrual cycle is delayed, and you can check it out with an early pregnancy test strip. The most accurate is to use morning urine test, if the test paper shows two red lines, said positive, that is pregnant. If there is only one line, under normal circumstances there is no pregnancy, but this is not absolute, because the menstrual delay of about 10 days using pregnancy test paper to detect pregnancy, sometimes because at this time even if pregnant, because of the time of shorter hormone levels in the body No significant increase detected. Or because of the relatively short period of pregnancy, fertilized eggs also implanted in later time caused by delayed detection. Another way is that after 10 days of sexual life can check the blood HCG clear diagnosis of early pregnancy, which is the earliest and most accurate way to check. Relatively speaking may be a little bit of trouble, but to go to the hospital to do this check is still very necessary Kazakhstan, after all, is indeed such a test of some precision. Ultrasound can also be done, the general check in January is the most accurate.





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