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The best time to use pregnancy test kit

2017-12-13 11:28:55

Pregnancy test the best time Each woman during pregnancy, want to allow yourself to pregnant with the baby early, so set up their own family of three. Therefore, always one or two days after the menstrual delay are very impatient, you want to test to see if they are pregnant. So when is the best time for early pregnancy test? The best time for early pregnancy test Suspected of pregnancy after pregnancy, when is the best pregnancy test? Which time of the day test the results of pregnancy is the most accurate? Here we come Learn about. 1, pregnancy test strip test pregnancy time can be about 3-5 days after the menstrual expiration through pregnancy test paper to check whether it is pregnant, if the test strip shows two red lines, then it is pregnant, otherwise it is not pregnant. 2, blood HCG test pregnancy time blood HCG test is generally pregnant in the same room after about 20 days to go to the hospital to do blood HCG blood HCG blood levels. 3, the basal body temperature test during the first trimester general female body temperature before ovulation in 36.5 degrees below 0.3-0.5 degrees after ovulation. If the egg fails to fertilize, then about a week after progesterone decline, body temperature returned to normal. If pregnant, the body temperature to maintain high levels. This test of early pregnancy from the time it has not yet started pregnancy, until one week after ovulation, if a week after the high temperature phenomenon continues, and more than 18 days, it can be sure that pregnancy. This test method can be said that the earliest test method of early pregnancy, it can be said that the longest test pregnancy test, because daily body temperature measured at least for more than a week.





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