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The Home Pregnancy Tests

2017-12-07 13:24:21

The Home Pregnancy Tests


The quickest way to find out if you are pregnant is by doing a home pregnancy test. We recommend  Pregnant Home Pregnancy Tests, available from leading pharmacies.

A home pregnancy test is a self-diagnostic tool that allows women to quickly and easily determine if they are pregnant. These tests measure Human Chorionic Ganadotrophin (hCG), a hormone that is secreted in urine during pregnancy. A technique, known as an immunoassay which involves a complex reaction between the hormone and various protein antibodies, is used to measure hCG. When urine containing hCG is applied to the test strip a reaction occurs which causes a portion of the stick to change colour thus signalling the hormone is present and that the woman is pregnant.


How accurate are Home Pregnancy Tests?

How accurate a home pregnancy test is depends upon:

  • How closely you follow the instructions.
  • When you ovulate in your cycle and how soon implantation occurs.
  • How soon after pregnancy you take the test.
  • The sensitivity of the pregnancy test.


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