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Misuse of pregnancy test kit

2017-12-15 11:14:07

1, the test time. HCG is usually found in urine after a few days of implantation of the fertilized egg, and a certain amount of HCG can be detected. Therefore, women with normal menstruation usually need to detect HCG in the urine after the menstrual period is delayed. Women with long menstrual cycles or abnormal ovulation need to be tested 40 to 44 days after menopause.
2, some diseases and drugs may cause false positive results. Some tumor cells such as hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma, bronchial cancer and kidney cancer, but also secretion of HCG.
3, do not use expired test strips. Because of the long chemical reagents will be ineffective, so pay attention to the production date in the purchase.
4, do not use the damp paper.
If the self-test result is negative, menstruation is still not coming after 1 week and you should do a self-test again. If not positive, it is best to see a doctor. Believe in your body. If you have various symptoms of pregnancy, then regardless of self-test results, should think of the principle of early pregnancy test paper is only a preliminary test, the use of early pregnancy test paper there will be errors. The best way is to go to the hospital HCG blood tests, HCG urine tests and B-ultrasound. If you are not ready to greet the arrival of your baby, early detection of early signs of pregnancy, to determine whether the pregnancy, abortion is done later is necessary.
5, women of childbearing age in the occurrence of menopause and other early pregnancy reaction, can not only be a pregnancy test strip to determine whether the pregnancy, the most reliable or a comprehensive examination, especially weak positive for HCG blood tests, HCG urine tests and B- an examination. In order to take early measures.
6, three months after pregnancy, HCG levels will decline, if at this time with pregnancy test strips, may be negative, or weakly positive.
7. Over the use of the period, will lose its effect, please go to the hospital to check!





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