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IVD Products Market Has Great Potential In The Future

2017-11-23 16:54:33

In recent years, with the input of medical insurance and the improvement of the level of consumption, the IVD industry in China has entered a period of growth with a certain market scale.


However, compared with mature markets in other countries, the IVD market in our country has not yet been fully developed, and there is still great potential for development in the future. With the improvement of people's living standards and the reform of the state's medical system, the market scale is bound to expand.


At present, the main domestic market mainly in IVD Products. IVD Products are  consumables, in contrast, diagnostic instrument is generally used for more than 5-8 years, so the real market for IVD is growing faster.  


In demands, IVD Products are consumables.

In products, The IVD industry has the largest market share in early clinical chemical  have been the fastest growing of all diagnostic types.

In technically, automated instrument diagnosis technology, greatly improving the efficiency of diagnostic testing. Simple and convenient.


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