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How long a pregnancy test kit can test out pregnancy

2017-12-13 11:28:49

Once a woman has sex with her, whether or not she has contraception, she has the possibility of being pregnant because there is not a single contraceptive success rate of 100%, so in case of postponement of menstruation, women need to use pregnancy test strips To be a test, this time should take a good test of time, then, how early pregnancy test strips can be measured? Pregnancy test strips are designed to facilitate a woman to test whether they are pregnant products. Pregnancy test paper works on the detection of HCG value, the human chorionic gonadotropin value. This hormone is made from the placenta, and it usually appears in the urine after a few days of pregnancy. Pregnancy test paper using devices within the plant and multiple strains of hCG antibodies and urine antigen presented in the reaction to determine the pregnancy test whether or not a pregnancy test agent about 14 days after the same room can be tested from the urine Is there any pregnancy?






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