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HCG pregnancy test strip "two bars" may not really pregnant

2017-12-25 14:18:15

HCG pregnancy test strip "two bars" may not really pregnant

Many people know that when a pregnancy test stick shows "a bar" that is not pregnant, and "two bars" that pregnant. But pregnancy test stick is 100% accurate?
In fact, urinary pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, and in most cases, performing a urine pregnancy test alone does not help identify normal or abnormal pregnancies, which is why doctors sometimes recommend blood HCG tests.
HCG pregnancy test strip can only be used as a screening test, it is likely false positives or false negatives.
Under what circumstances urine pregnancy test will detect false positive?
Many times attributed to the quality of the pregnancy test stick itself or the operator's method should not be inappropriate. Such as pregnancy test stick is out of date, whether moisture, whether the quality is not standard, or whether the operator will insert the correct end of the middle of the urine test whether the urine hormone levels lower secretion of early pregnancy female non-morning urine, whether 3 to 5 minutes to view the test results, these factors will affect the test results. This is all pregnant pregnancy and human factors.
Urinary pregnancy tests are sometimes affected by other factors, such as some other hormones, such as LH hormone can sometimes react with the test paper, leading to false positives; and thyroid hormone may also affect it. Sometimes it is not possible to determine exactly what the disturbing factors cause the false positives.

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