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HCG pregnancy test paper clinical significance

2017-12-21 18:11:43

Early pregnancy monitoring and diagnosis of embryo or ectopic pregnant women pregnant after pregnancy, from the 9th to 11th day can be measured in blood β-HCG increased after every two days (48 hours) increased β-HCG greater than 66% That is, 2 times higher (even if there is a threatened abortion, HCG increase rate will not change) can be diagnosed as intrauterine pregnancy. For example, today is 234, if measured out of 450 or so, can be considered normal intrauterine pregnancy. Blood β-hCG in the first 5 weeks of pregnancy is about 1000 IV / ml or so. Blood β-hCG every 48h increased more than 66% of vaginal bleeding patients can be diagnosed as threatened abortion and prompt a good prognosis. If continuous determination of less than 66% increase every 48h, suggesting that the prognosis is poor (embryo stop), miscarriage success rate is extremely low. If the HCG value continued to decline significantly, even if the fetal heart rate measured by B ultrasound is also the best cure for surgery, indicating that the fetus has actually brain death. The average diameter of gestational sac more than 2 cm still no embryo, or embryo head buttocks diameter more than 5mm without the original heart beating heart, the embryo is unlikely to survive. Blood β-HCG increased by less than 66% every two days, then the possibility of ectopic pregnancy or intrauterine pregnancy dysplasia. For ectopic pregnancy, tubal muscle due to meager, poor blood supply, HCG secretion is very low. Daily appreciation less. 48 hours less than 50%. (But some people had their initial HCG rise normally). Normal intrauterine pregnancy blood β-HCG doubling time of 1.4 ~ 2.2 d, while the ectopic pregnancy takes 3 ~ 8 d [4]. If difficult to confirm with HCG, blood progesterone can also be used to make adjuvant diagnosis. Ectopic pregnancy in patients with low levels of blood progesterone, which is recognized. It can be used as one of the early diagnosis. The cut-off value is 63 nmol / L. Further B-ultrasound can also be carried out, especially the "overcast" test is very helpful in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. B-blood HCG generally need to reach more than 6,000 or normal intrauterine pregnancy for 6 weeks, "overcast" can be displayed intrauterine gestational sac "double ring sign" image, and early gestational sac that I do not think it is an ectopic pregnancy is wrong of.

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