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HCG pregnancy test paper: vigilance β-hCG core fragment can cause false negative results

2017-12-22 18:34:15

HCG pregnancy test paper: vigilance β-hCG core fragment can cause false negative results

Robert D. Nerenz and Melanie L. Yarbrough, from the United States, conducted a further study to investigate the effect of urine hCGβcf on hCG test, published in Clinical Biochemistry. In the present study, 25 pregnant women were enrolled in this study. 100 urine samples (pregnant women from the second trimester) were randomly selected and tested using the qualitative urine pregnancy test devices. Pregnancy and early urination Liquid specimens for testing.
The results showed that in 100 urine samples, the color of 18 test lines was darker than the quality control line, the color of 24 test lines was equal to the quality control line, the color of 53 test lines was shallower than the quality control line, and 5 tests were invalid of. The test results of 25 subjects: 10 negative / weakly positive, 10 strongly positive, and 5 moderately positive.
Analysis of 25 early, middle and late urinalysis specimens revealed that the peak of hCGβcf concentration occurred in 8-17 weeks of gestation, which was basically consistent with the peak of hCG in blood 8-12 weeks. When urine hCGβcf concentration of 209800pmol / L to 679000pmol / L, hCG qualitative detection of false negative results.
In clinical work and people's daily life, a lot of pregnancy or not detected by urine hCG qualitative test found. However, the presence of hCGβcf (hCG β-core fragment) interferes with the hCG test, causing false-negative test results that cause anxiety and anxiety in many women, so urine hCG test agents should consider this component's interference.
Urine HCG pregnancy test paper as a business, laboratory workers and clinicians should pay enough attention to the design of a new pregnancy test kit (excluding urine hCGβcf on hCG test), and to different reagent manufacturers test results do A reasonable explanation, so that each pregnant woman is no longer entangled with the test results, easy pregnancy test.

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