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Factors that affect the accuracy of the test on home pregnancy kits

2017-12-29 13:41:51

Factors that affect the accuracy of the test on home pregnancy kits

1, HCG concentration
      Drinking more water leads to lower concentrations of HCG in the urine and false-negative results.
2, morning and evening
      Because of the morning urine HCG content of the most, so many brands of home pregnancy kit are recommended to do testing in the morning.
3, time
     HCG will appear in the urine after a few days of pregnancy, need to reach a certain amount to be detected. Therefore, the menstrual cycle of women in the menstrual cycle after the delay in the detection of HCG in the urine. For those ovulation abnormalities or long menstrual cycle women in the menstrual delay of about 40 days before being detected.
4, recently had a pregnancy based on test results to determine the pregnancy is not accurate
     After a long period of termination of pregnancy, HCG levels are higher, this time by virtue of pregnancy test paper pregnancy test results can lead to false-positive results.
5, expired or damp test strips
     Reagents for a long time will be lost, the purchase of early pregnancy test strips should pay attention to its validity.
6, disease
    Some tumors such as hydatidiform mole, kidney cancer or bronchial cancer, etc., can secrete HCG.
7, immersion test strip length
     Urine immersion test strip length is too long, will make the test results difficult to distinguish.

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