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Clinical Significance of HCG Pregnancy Test Paper

2017-12-22 18:35:44

Clinical Significance of HCG Pregnancy Test Paper

The first diagnosis of early pregnancy: In normal circumstances, the normal β-HCG determination of less than 3.1, if more than 5 may consider the possibility of pregnancy, if more than 10 can determine the basic pregnancy. 35-50 days after pregnancy HCG can rise to more than 2500IU / L. Multiple pregnancies often have more urine-HCG than one-pregnancy. Serum HCG should return to normal after 9 days of postpartum or 25 days after artificial abortion. If you do not meet this situation, you should consider the possibility of anomalies.
Early diagnosis of second ectopic pregnancy: mainly to detect blood HCG (chorionic gonadotropin). Because HCG is a specific hormone secreted during pregnancy, β-HCG can be used to assist early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy without rupture. The amount of HCG secreted by normal developmental villi is very high, and the titer of daily increases rapidly and continuously, rising more than 66% every 48 hours. If β-HCG is increased by more than 66% every two days, intrauterine pregnancy can be diagnosed; and if the increase is less than 66%, the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy or intrauterine pregnancy development is high. For ectopic pregnancy, tubal muscle due to meager, poor blood supply, HCG secretion is very low. Daily appreciation less. 48 hours less than 50%. However, some people initially showed normal HCG uptake. If HCG pregnancy test paper is difficult to confirm, blood progesterone can be used as a supplementary diagnosis. Ectopic pregnancy in patients with low levels of blood progesterone, which is recognized. It can be used as one of the early diagnosis. The critical value of 63nmol / L, further B-ultrasound can be carried out, especially the "Yam ultrasonography" is very helpful in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.
Third estimate prognosis of threatened abortion: women after pregnancy, from the first 9-11 days can be measured from the blood β-HCG increased after every two days the amount of β-HCG can be increased 2 times (even if there is threatened abortion, HCG Increase rate will not change). For example, today is 234, if measured out of 450 or so can be considered normal intrauterine pregnancy. If you increase the speed twice in a row, indicating that ectopic pregnancy or embryonic abnormal growth retardation. For example, today is 10, the day after tomorrow is 15, then 2 days 17, so certainly not normal HCG value, miscarriage success rate is extremely low. If the HCG value continued to decline significantly, even if the fetal heart rate measured by B ultrasound is also the best cure for surgery, indicating that the fetus has actually brain death.
Many people in order to determine whether pregnant and do B-ultrasound, in fact, do B-general need blood HCG reached more than 6,000 or normal intrauterine pregnancy for 6 weeks, overcast can display intrauterine gestational sac "double ring sign" image, and Early gestational sac can not see that it is wrong ectopic pregnancy. Because of the time is too short or the loss of embryos, may also be stunted. Even see also have to pay attention to the difference between true gestagen and pseudocyst. Ultrasound examination found that the uterus increased, no intrauterine gestational sac, uterine appendage seen cystic mass and the border is unclear, "suspected" for ectopic pregnancy. Can also be a diagnostic curettage, see villi can confirm that intrauterine pregnancy, if no evidence of villi or pathological findings A-S endometrial, should be suspected of ectopic pregnancy. If HCG increases very fast, indicating that the possibility of hydatidiform mole, must be closely monitored, of course, may also be twins.

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