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2016 Deep Blue annual report

2017-11-02 15:22:31

Time flies, flies, blink of an eye busy 2016 has passed, full of expectations in 2017 came to us. New year, pregnant with new goals and hopes. January 16, 2017, Anhui deep blue Medical Technology Co., Ltd. annual meeting in 2016 Shushan Ming Yi Holiday Hotel. All employees of the company, the regional manager and sales manager of the region and the company leaders gathered together to get together.

General Manager Zhang Chao comrades made an opening speech and introduced the guests.


Then all the departments of the company made a concise speech on the work of the whole year of 2016, from the production, quality, technology, administration, finance, business and other aspects of the six aspects of the company's work was summed up, all the staff work together to complete The company's 2016 goals.



At the end of the year, Mr. Chen confirmed the achievements made by the company in 2016 and presented new goals and prospects for the work of 2017, and guided the review of the past six Dark blue storm history and hardships, looking forward to the future and sent a good wish. Chen pointed out: 2017 in terms of the company is the most critical year, I hope all the staff work together to a new high. Finally, I wish you all family happy, good health, all the best.


In the afternoon, the staff of the various departments of the party brought in different forms, people dizzying performances, dance, singing, stage play, comic dialogue, comedy and other programs, colorful, colorful, the middle also interspersed with the lottery , Game interaction, with the third prize, second prize, first prize extraction, and constantly set off the climax of the annual meeting. The party not only brings joy to everyone, but also makes the heart of each other closer to each other. Company leaders and employees family interaction, exciting sweepstakes, so that singing, applause, cheers have been rippling in the venue. The whole party climax after another, showing a deep blue medical family harmony and harmony.




In the afternoon, we also presented the award of excellent staff and excellent team in 2016. Company leaders have issued certificates and bonuses for them, encouraging all employees to learn from them, learning their duties in their respective positions, working hard and encouraging them to take precautions and take the lead in the new year. The contribution. This year the company also issued a new shareholder of the equity certificate and technical letter of appointment.



Company issued a certificate of equity

Company technical letter of appointment

In the evening, everyone gathered together for dinner. The glorious 2016 passed, full of hope and challenge of 2017 quietly coming. In the past year we have been smiling, over and over, and in the face of 2017, we are full of hope and passion, let us use confidence and courage to swagger, write deep blue more brilliant future.


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