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Chinese medical diagnostic rapid test kit hcg pregnancy test kit

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Chinese medical diagnostic rapid test kit hcg pregnancy test kit

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Chinese medical diagnostic rapid test kit hcg pregnancy test kit

Blood β-hCG in the first 5 weeks of pregnancy is about 1000 IV / ml or so.

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Intended use

Detection of HCG content in urine for auxiliary diagnosis of early pregnancy.


  1. High specificity and sensitivity
  2. Simple operation and one-step detection
  3. Rapid testing and the results will bein 3-5 minutes
  4. Clear background and easy to read
  5. High accuracy verified by clinical tests


HCG pregnancy test card(Cassette)



Detection Principle

Immune colloidal gold


10 mIU/ml


3.0 mm,3.5 mm,4.0 mm


> 99.8%



Read time

5 mins


Room temperature 4-30°C

Guarantee Period

36 months


1 copies / box

Other service

OEM service available

Direction for use


 We want to give you best price and service, please let us know more details as follows:

  1. What is your format?
    ---- Strip, Cassette or Midstream?
  2. What is your width?

      ---- 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm or 6.0 mm?

  1. Do you need OEM packing?

      ---- Let us know details about your packing.

  1. How many do you want to buy?
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Blood β-hCG in the first 5 weeks of pregnancy is about 1000 IV / ml or so. Blood β-hCG every 48h increased more than 66% of vaginal bleeding patients can be diagnosed as threatened abortion and prompt a good prognosis. If continuous determination of less than 66% increase every 48h, suggesting that the prognosis is poor (embryo stop), miscarriage success rate is extremely low. If the HCG value continued to decline significantly, even if the fetal heart rate measured by B ultrasound is best done in Qing operation, indicating that the fetus has actually died of brain. The average size of gestational sac more than 2 cm still no embryos appear, or the embryo's head and hip diameter more than 5mm and no original heart beat, the possibility of embryo survival is small

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